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Auris Hybrid 2013 Toyota Car Buyers Guide Performance Review

Toyota Cars Review February 22, 2014

Toyota Auris Hybrid Car Buyers Guide Performance Review

New Hybrid Auris 2013 Toyota revealed!

Toyota Auris Hybrid Car Buyers Guide Performance Review

The new Auris Hybrid rides on a modified version of the previous model’s platform keeping the same 2,600mm wheelbase and 1,760mm width, but is 30mm longer at 4,275mm. The interior of the new Auris has been redesigned with higher quality materials.

The car features improved aerodynamics, high-quality interior furnishings and a decent amount of cabin and boot space, making it ideal for weekend getaways.

In terms of the gear on rear, the new Auris sports a wider opening tailgate and a new bumper profile, designed to strengthen the car’s stance, according to Toyota.

Toyota Auris Hybrid 2013 has been ready for the market in Japan and mainland Europe. All-New Toyota Auris 2013 received a lot of improvement. Auris Toyota2013 design built on the theme ‘Smart Dynamism’. The lines radiating body Auris 2012 threat to its competitors. The front look sharp (keen look). New front bumper adds to the aerodynamics and improve cooling.

Toyota Auris 2013 feature
Body rigidity increased 10% cars. Equipped Vehicle Stability Control (VSC). Optional curtain and side airbags and Whiplash Injury Lessening (WIL) are provided for Ayou.besides, the cabin in the Toyota Auris 2013 reportedly increased significantly with high-quality materials and better designs. Included in it is equipped with a three-spoke steering wheel, circular air vents, and a larger door handles.

Toyota Auris 2013 Engine and performance
In Japan, the Toyota Auris 2013 presents 1NZ-FE engine 1.5 liter (FWD and AWD) with a CVT transmission and 2ZR-FAE 1.8 liter (FWD) 6-speed manual transmission. FWD 1.5-liter engine requires gasoline 18.2 km / liter. If the Stop-Start function imbued it could reach 19.2 km / liter. 1.8 liter kitchen runway show improvement in Valvematic (a continuously variable valve-life and valve-timing mechanism) and Dual Variable Valve Timing-intelligent (Dual VVT-i), intake and exhaust valve timing-adjusted, fixed compression ratio, and friction reduction. Fuel Consumption (Fuel Oil) 16 km / L.

Meanwhile, the steering and suspension have also received some revisions to make a better drive. In addition to the top-flight Hybrid Synergy Drive model, powerplants will be 1.3-liter and 1.6-liter gasoline engines and a 1.4-liter diesel.

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